8 Ways You Can Travel More (Even on a Budget)

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It’s everyone’s goal to spend more time traveling the world, see new places, try new cuisines, and experience new cultures. However, finding ways to fund that travel can be a challenge – one that can bring travel plans to a screeching halt. Many of us tend to put travel on a backburner and tell ourselves we are waiting to travel to our dream destination until we can “afford it.” With a little creativity and a bit of effort, it’s possible to travel more often and finally cross those destinations off your bucket list.

Here are eight tips to help you stop wishing and start traveling.

#1 – Join Loyalty Programs

A lot of companies are willing to go the extra mile for you in exchange for your continued business. Companies often have loyalty programs that distribute rewards – it’s a great idea to sign up for these! If you don’t have a problem using a select number of hotels, car rental companies, and/or airlines, you can quickly earn rewards points after just a few trips. Use these reward points to make your next vacation a little easier on the bank.

#2 – Cash In Those Credit Card Points

Just like loyalty points can help cover the costs of your next trip, so can credit card rewards points. Some cards offer rewards points for things as simple as filling up with gas. You can quickly accrue points, as long as you’re paying off your card the right way and not doing any financial harm in the process. Within just a while of using the card, you could have enough points to cover a good part of your travel expenses.

#3 – Volunteer Your Time!

Consider volunteering your time as a way to fund your next vacation and help a community in need at the same time. There is a virtually never-ending list of options and opportunities when it comes to volunteering abroad. You could teach English in a foreign country, help did wells for clean water in an impoverished area, build a schoolhouse, break ground on a farm…the list goes on and on. Not only will you get to experience a new part of the world, but you will also get a front-row seat to the culture of the people in that area while helping them.

#4 – Rent Out YOUR Place While Gone

While you’re out and about traveling the world, your home is probably sitting there empty. You might as well let someone else borrow it, especially if they are going to pay you for the loaner. List your home on Airbnb while you are on vacation you might just end up covering your accommodations with the extra money – you could even make a profit depending on where you are vacationing. Be sure to check your local laws to ensure that your city allows for short-term rentals like Airbnb.

#5 – Try House Sitting

What about the complete opposite of renting out your house while on vacation? You can actually cover the cost of your vacation lodging and have a cheaper vacation by house sitting. Websites like TrustedHousesitters.com help connect you to people who are going on their own vacations and need someone to look after their property, pets, plants, or mail. You still have to fund your travel, but lodging can often be the most expensive part of a vacation! Imagine how much more affordable your vacation will be without the cost of lodging. 

#6 – Consider a Vacation Membership Program

Cruises are a phenomenal way to see the world for a nearly flat rate. One cruise ship can dock in several different ports, allowing you to see a large number of destinations in a single trip, all without having to worry about changing lodging every few days and constantly looking for places to eat. Companies like inCruises are a  complete game-changer for the way people plan, save, and pay for their holiday vacations. They are a membership club that helps people save and pay for their dream vacation at a fraction of the cost – some people even travel for free or get paid to travel!

#7 – Look into Crowdfunding

Websites like Patreon and GoFundMe have a way of making the impossible, possible. The chances of a group of people each pitching in $5 is so much more likely than having one person hand over the several hundred or even thousand dollars that would be needed to make your vacation a reality. Make sure you can give the people a compelling reason to contribute to your cause – many people are more than happy to contribute to a deserving cause. You could have the funds to pay for your trip in no time.

#8 – Consider a Change of Occupation

If traveling more is a serious goal of yours, the best way to make that dream a reality may be to switch to a job that allows or even encourages you to travel more. Whether that job is a telecommuting job that allows you to work from anywhere in the world or a job that sends you to conferences, client meetings, or business meetings, there are plenty of job options out there for people who want to see the world. Spruce up that resume, start applying, and get ready to travel.

If travel is your passion, make it a priority. Save some money in other areas of your life to spend more on travel, or create the means needed to fund your next vacation. What are you waiting for? Start planning that vacation of your dream and start saving!

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